In 1996, I was born in Buffalo. When people say you can’t predict the weather in Buffalo. They are right. It might be snowing and the next day it might be 50 degrees. Buffalo has come a long way. Well, except the Buffalo Bills we are still working on them. At least we are the most supportive fan base. Canalside is an amazing place for summer concerts. Canalside always has great events every week of the summer. If you ever come to Buffalo you have to try some of our chicken wings. Twenty min away is one of the 7 wonders of the world Niagara Falls. People come all over to travel to see the falls and I can take a little day trip to visit whenever I want. Maid of the Mist was an awesome experience and I highly recommend it to anyone that visits Niagara Falls. As much as people from Buffalo want to get out of Buffalo as soon as they leave they want to come home. Buffalo is the city of good neighbors. Buffalo is home. 

One thought on “Home

  1. Hi Devan! Great new blog. 🙂 What would you could recommend as the top three places to go walking or hiking around the Buffalo area? Looking forward to future posts. Mary


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