Four Legged Best friend

People know me as the crazy dog lady that is obsessed with any dog no matter what size or what it looks like. Dogs have always been a huge part of my life. 

I currently have a 7 year old pug named Lily as we call her Lily Lou Lou. She is on the chubby side, but I sure do love her. She always right by my side. Whether when it is when I’m typing a blog post, like right now ha ha or when I’m editing a video. She always is by my side. Couldn’t imagine not having a fluffy warm dog by my side every night. Lily is my little heater. Even though when everyone sleeps over they can never sleep because of her breathing. LOL poor puppy. 


She always senses when I’m in a sad mood and easily can brighten my day and make it better. She loves her toys and lets me dress her up in all these cute clothes.


She enjoys adventuring new places as long as I’m by her side. She LOVES car rides even though I have to vacuum my car out as soon as the ride is over.

Dogs are not replaceable. They are your best friends. They are there when no one else is. They make you feel loved and wanted when you need to feel wanted. They protect you more than anyone else can. But only if they could live forever, so cherish the time with your four legged pup because they are amazing and the time we have with them doesn’t last forever. 

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