There’s nothing more comforting than being around people that love you for being you. You aren’t always going to find people that love you for being who you are and those are the people you don’t want to waste time with. Obviously you want to be liked by everyone. But you just have understand at some point not everyone is going to like you and you can’t make everyone happy. So focus on making yourself happy.

We go through life trying to make people love us, but are we really being ourselves? That’s a question only you can answer.

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Do we wear certain things or do our hair a certain ways to be trendy. Why isn’t being yourself trendy?

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 Do the stuff YOU love to do. Follow your dreams.You aren’t going to get there by watching someone else follow that same dream. Whether it is filming videos or being in front of the camera. Go to places you enjoy to be. Taking photos and making a blog or volunteering at an dog shelter. Or If it’s going to grab coffee at a cute local coffee shop or if it is getting outside and exploring the world then do it!

My advice to you is to never let anyone stop you from doing what you love. Don’t waste time and if you have a dream, chase after it. Make it a reality.


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