Things I’ve Learned in 2016

As another New Year approaches again, think about all the accomplishments you have made in 2016, the friends you’ve made, the places you have gone, and the goals you have accomplished. Every year has its ups and downs. But all you have to do is learn from the downs and be thankful for the ups.

This year I learned never take anyone for granted. They might not be by your side tomorrow. Tell your family and friends how thankful you are and how much you love them every day.

Also, take everything as a learning experience and try new things. You are never truly going to find yourself if you don’t go out and try new things. And it’s okay to fail, just try again. If you are interested in something, GO OUT AND DO IT. Start now and don’t waste time. Life is too short for you to let go of time you can never get back. And don’t let people’s judgement get to you. If you are scared of your friends making fun of you for doing something you love, ask yourself. Are they really your friends? True friends would support you no matter what.

Learn to love yourself. This is the biggest thing I have learned to do in 2016. I was always the girl with no confidence. Never was my true self in front of people because I was scared I was going to be too much for them. I can honestly say I have a very strong personality and extremely outgoing. I enjoy talking to people about anything really. I always like to consider myself as the person that tries to be there for everyone, no matter if I am that close to them or not. I never really loved myself before this year. I was miserable and later I thought to myself that I really need to change my outlook on life. God gave me this beautiful life with an amazing family and friends. And all I do is complain how it is not good enough. Simple as that, after that I threw away all the negative people in my life that were setting off negative vibes and surrounding myself with silly, crazy people that I cared about so much. Life is too short to be negative and compare your looks or personality to others.

Just be you.

I completely stopped caring what people thought of me and picked up my camera and started filming more. I have been into filming since eighth grade. It has been forever. I never made my videos public on my social media because I was always afraid of people not accepting me for what I love to do. This year I thought, what am I doing? Why am I not doing something I love just because of what someone else might think? Why am I letting them get in the way of my happiness? THEY DO NOT MATTER! You WILL find friends that accept you for the hobbies you do whether it is blogging or filming or anything else. That decision to pick the camera up and just be myself has got to be the BEST decision that I made in 2016. I love filming, taking pictures and blogging. You will find someone that loves to do the same interests as you, and I can tell you IT IS AWESOME. You just have to branch out and not be afraid.

I have achieved so many goals of 2016 and I can’t wait to make more in 2017. Take baby steps towards your dreams and I promise you, you will get there. With passion and time you will make your dream life into reality.

Thank you 2016 for all that you’ve taught me and I am ready to take on 2017.

XOXO Devan

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