Good Afternoon, so last week at work we did our first radiothon for my work! Proud to say that we raised 300,000 dollars towards St. Jude hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. I am a proud partner in hope after last week which means I am donating $20 to St. Jude each month. I just wanted to give a special thanks to everyone that helped out and donated. Crazy to think Buffalo raised $300,000 in TWO DAYS! That’s exactly why we are called the city of good neighbors.

  My cousin was diagnosed with cancer September of 2013 at nine years old. One day, he fell and no longer could walk. My aunt and uncle rushed him to the hospital and that was the day we got the news. He had cancer…

It was January 2014 when we had our bald for bucks at school. As my brother and I watched everyone get their hair chopped off or was going bald. I turned to Colin and said “why aren’t we up there. We should be doing that for Austin.” As I kept nagging Colin to go bald for bucks with me, finally he agreed. Sadly since it was last minute we didn’t raise any money. But, I knew the school raised a lot plus we just wanted to show Austin that Bald is beautiful and you don’t need any hair to be handsome or cute.

We went home, forgetting to tell our mom as my mom was beyond shocked to see us both bald.

After that, Colin has been going bald for bucks every year. Also, my two younger brothers did too.

Austin was finally Cancer free February of 2014.

On Friday, it was the last day for the radiothon. I was driving home at 5:30pm and the sun just started to set. I can’t tell you how beautiful it was. As a tear rolled down my face knowing how emotional the week was because of the radiothon.


All I could think of is those little children that weren’t able to see the sunset that day. How beautiful life was and how many lives are taken away from such a terrible disease. And how amazing that we could save lives with all that money we raised. I couldn’t be more proud of WYRK, Townsquare Media and the family we are.

This past Saturday, I cut my hair once again. 12 inches gone, people say you’re going to regret it your hair is beautiful. But, you know what? I am not going to regret it because it is going to some little kid that isn’t able to have hair because they are too busy fighting for their lives.

So please, appreciate your life and live it to the fullest. And when you have enough, give.

XOXO Devan


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