Next Chapter



Today was the day, I upgrade to this beautiful Canon Rebel T6i and I couldn’t be happier. I have been filming since 7th grade. The camera on the right I have been using since 7th grade! I received it for Christmas from my parents. It has been an awesome camera and it isn’t perfect, but it sure did the job!

Today I put the Canon Powershot aside and picked up this new gorgeous camera. Already started taking pictures and filming little clips with it.


Even though it was hard to let the Powershot go. All the memories and adventures it captured from 7th grade to now. I can’t wait to pick up photography and film making with a better quality camera. Thankful for my parents telling me to follow my dreams and keep doing the stuff I love to do. And always push yourself to improve. Be open minded to learn new things.


Can’t wait for it to help me improve my film making, blog and photography.

See you next time. XOXO Devan

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