Girl Power

Today is International Women’s Day. Well actually, that’s every day. But, today I specially think of one person that I look up to as a role model and hero and that would be my mom. My mom is everything a daughter would want as a mother. And sometimes I actually feel bad because I don’t tell her that much how I admire her. My mom has always been the one to never say no to helping someone out. She has always been involved in every activity my brothers and I did.

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When I was younger I remember we started making pies for “The People of the Night.” which was a shelter for homeless people in Buffalo around Thanksgiving time. It started off with us doing 15 apple pies to now we make pies with local Boy Scout Troop and make over 60 apple pies for the homeless! My brothers and I were always taught to help out the community. To tasks like making pies to helping the older woman at the grocery store put her groceries in her vehicle.


She was the one jumping and jamming out at Two Door Cinema Club (aka the best band ever) when I had no one to go with. Thanks for jumping in the pit of teenagers with me & making it probably one of the most memorable days of my life.

My mom taught us to follow our dreams. Whatever we wanted to do, we did it. No matter how expensive it was as long as we showed her that we were working at getting better and loved to do it she kept us in that activity.

Let me tell you Irish dancing wasn’t cheap. The dresses, the wigs, the shoes, the makeup and accessories on top of the traveling to state to state to compete. She was there for it all cheer me on. She has been the only one in my life that hasn’t given up on me.

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So mom, I know you’re reading this. Thank you for making me a better me every day and pushing me to succeed into adulthood. I wouldn’t be where I am right now without you.


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