What I Love About Sundays

How could you not love Sundays. It’s God’s Day. Wake up, make yourself an amazing coffee. Make a kick ass breakfast or snack if you don’t eat breakfast and get ready to take on the day. For me I believe that the week actually starts on Monday. Sundays are a day to relax, but yet get stuff done for the amazing week to come.
Usually, I like to clean on Sundays because you know you will have a crazy week ahead of you and going into a week with a nice clean room with raise your mood. After cleaning I drink my coffee and get whatever homework I need to get done that is due this upcoming week.

Showering in the morning is by far the best. It makes you feel refreshed and ready to take on the day ahead of you. As well and doing your makeup and dressing comfortable, but yet cute.

Followed with a nice book that is going to raise my mood and make my day brighter. I like to read motivational books that will make me want to start the week off on the right note and be ready to get shit done.

Sunday nights I like to relax with mellow music, light a candle and do some skin care. Every Sunday I end my night with some homework and a face mask. It’s a great way to end a productive day.

Sunday is by far my favorite day of the week. It is good to treat yourself and give yourself “me” time at least one day a week and every Sunday is mine. Life is crazy, life is busy. Take a moment, relax and treat yourself. Take time to unwind and relax yourself so you can recharge and be ready to take on another week to your full potential.

Have a great week! ♡

// XOXO Devan \\


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