From time to time I go through these funks. I become lazy by taking days off from the gym, not eating healthy, losing motivation and waiting till the last minute for homework. As I grow older and grow as a person I notice that it is okay to go through these funks. Sometimes it is good to have one. As you get older there’s a lot more to stress out about. School, your career, your bills for some examples. And sometimes you tend to over work yourself with crazy hours with working two jobs and going to school. Not only going to school, but balancing a good GPA as well.

For me, I tend to over work myself which leads me to getting sick and tired. I run myself down and then I am too sick to do anything. I am currently finding a way to balance these things so I stop getting sick and run down. I love to have my life crazy busy because all around I just feel better. I enjoy making money so I work crazy hours just because it makes me feel good, but sometimes I just need a break. I tend to go in these funks every few months which gets me off track.

Over the time I have learned that sometimes being in a funk gets you back on track. Life is constantly going. You are constantly working to pay bills and going to school to eventually get a better career than you have now. But on top of that you need to make time for your hobbies and stuff you enjoy doing. For example, for me it is filming, taking pictures and traveling. Sometimes even traveling could help you get out of the funk you’re in. Whether you go to some tropical place with warm weather or it be camping in the woods spending quality time with the people you love. You just have to do what is best for you and help you get out of that funk you are in.

As I said it is okay for you to be in a funk. But, just know you have to get back on track to always make yourself a better you.


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