Loving Me, Myself & I

It’s crazy to think a year ago I could say I finally love everything about myself. I was finally happy with myself and the things I was passionate about. I finally realized that if you were perfect there would be no extra push to better every day and life to be honest would be boring. There would be no goals or something to look forward to every morning to accomplish that day.

I’ve learned that loving yourself will finally make you happy and content because you soon realize at the end of the day you really only have yourself.

I’ve had so many people walk out of my life within the last year and somedays I’m okay with it and somedays I’m not. It most likely wasn’t over a fight or drama because by now we should be over that stage. I do think about them over time and hope they are doing well and are happy with the path god is taking them on in their lives.

I have three solid people that I know I can always count on and I thank them on the daily for always being there for me and making me a better person. But more importantly I thank myself. I thank myself for always staying true to myself. I love this quote that says “God gave you one life and one is enough if you live it right.” I go by that quote every day. I wake up ready to be a better person that I was yesterday. A better friend than I was yesterday. A better sister or daughter I was yesterday. I am ready to be open to all the opportunities that I am given that day to learn and make me wiser than I was yesterday.


XOXO Devan

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