Strangers Becoming Friends

Remember when parents used to be super overprotective about social media and the internet. They wouldn’t let you accept people that you didn’t know and told you to never talk to strangers. Well I did the opposite. I loved meeting new friends online and interacting with them. No one knows your past, they don’t know your story. Well.. unless you open up to them. But, to be honest I’ve met one of the most kindest, loving, carefree, amazing person online. We started talking and clicked right away. We had so much in common. I have been friends with her over six years. Finally, two summers ago after years and years keep connect online we met! I was nervous and to be honest didn’t know what to expect. Last month, she packed up her bags from Long Island and came and visited me again! Her and her boyfriend drove to Buffalo for Spring Break. As soon as we got together we picked up just like I saw her yesterday. And we can all agree those are the best kind of friendships. Sad to see her go back to Long Island after a fun weekend, but I know I would see her sooner than I thought.

Jess lives hours away, but I can honestly say she is one of my closest friends. Isn’t it crazy how you can meet someone once or twice and be best friends with them. We will continue to stay in touch and keep our snap streak alive. Jess and I will continue to give each other motivation to follow our dreams and push each other to be better every day.

Internet friends are good to have. They’re fun. As long as you’re cautious and know who you’re talking to. So go out and meet new people on the internet and build friendships. That is an amazing thing about the internet. Maybe people aren’t interested in the same thing as you are. Go on the internet and talk to people that have the same interest as you. Learn from them. Because everyone you mean is a learning experience.

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