Summer of 2017 Bucket List


Every year, I make my own bucket list on Google docs. I make a yearly one and also a Summer one. I decided to make my bucket list public to give every one of you reading this an extra push to making your own bucket list. There’s nothing better than making a list and checking or crossing it off. Plus, it makes you want to get them all done when you are seeing them written down or on a computer screen. Of course as time goes by I check things of my list. But, I also like growing it as I go. It’s never to late to add anything to your list unless of course it is the end of the Summer.

So make your list and create awesome memories with the people you love. Make this Summer the best Summer yet.

Also this list doesn’t have to be something you do physically. It also can be improving yourself mentally. Enjoy!

  • Go to Colorado Springs
  • Go to Rochester for the Weekend and explore new coffee shops
  • Go to Toronto
  • Go to a Film Convention
  • Go to Chicago to the Art Gallery
  • Camping trip to Lake Placid
  • Cliff jumping
  • Watch more sunsets
  • Wake up early and watch the sunrise
  • Make new friends that are into the same hobbies you are
  • Once a month go to different parks and clean up garbage for 3 hours
  • Educate myself so I can eventually create my own clothing store
  • Make baby steps to opening my own coffee shop in two years
  • Take more pictures and capture more moments
  • Go to Food Truck Tuesday
  • Spend my money on experiences instead of materialistic things
  • Make more playlist on Spotify



  • Love myself even more than I did before the Summer started. Self love is the best damn thing you can do for yourself


That is all for today folks.



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