Pieces Of You



Some days are better than others, but not one day goes by where I don’t think about you wishing you were here. Wishing you were here watching me grow up and succeed in the things I’ve always wanted to succeed in. And accomplish the dreams I’ve always dreamed of.

Missing your humor and your smile. Missing your styling outfits that you could never picture anyone wearing, but somehow you could always pull it off. Your crazy decorations matching every holiday that you would throw a party for.

But, now that you’re gone that absence is there. So I have little pieces of you. Reminding me every day about the happy moments or the sad moments we have had. Those pieces some days make me cry because it’s too painful missing you, but some days so happy because you’re safe and healthy watching over me every day. Because you know Delia did say ” Don’t be sad because Beema is in heaven & everyone is always happy when they’re in heaven.”

And on the sad days I like to remind myself what my little cousin said & smile knowing you will always be with me every step of the way.

But until we meet again I will be keeping little pieces of you…



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