My Top 3 Favorite Coffee Shops in Buffalo, NY

Hey Guys,

It’s a beautiful relaxing Tuesday night for me, so I thought why not write a blog tonight.

Well Today I’m coming at you live with my favorite 3 coffee shops in Buffalo, NY. If you know me I am a latte freak. To be specific, vanilla lattes are my favorite! But not even that, I love the vibe coffee shops give off with their amazing playlists and when they bring people together.

These coffee shops are not in any specific order. Love them all the same! There are many more I love in Buffalo, NY! There are so many others to choose from, but these are the ones I picked and go to the most!


1.) Daily Planet Coffee

I actually just found Daily Planet Coffee last semester when I had a break in between work and my math class. For some reason I get a lot of work done. I find coffee shops motivating. But, I need to find somewhere pretty close so I googled close coffee shops and this is the one I stumbled upon.

I love Daily Planet Coffee for two reasons.

1. They have the best vanilla lattes!!

and 2. The people who work there are the sweetest people ever!


Daily Planet Coffee gives off a cool, cozy and comfortable vibe.

I am always walking out the door with a smile on my face when I leave there.

Now for the second coffee shop..


2.) Taste in East Aurora

You may know Taste as the place with the pretty wall art or the cup of coffee above the door. Well and we can’t forget the monkeys.

I have been going to Taste for as long as I could remember. My dad grew up in East Aurora so I go out to East Aurora quite often and I can’t leave there without stopping by Taste.


Taste has the best hot chocolate and a lot of awesome food. My personal favorites are the Main Street Caesar & their French Toast. Their french toast is to die for. It’s seriously amazing.


They always have the best music on also! They are killing it with their playlists always.

The last coffee shop I like is…


3.) Ashker’s on Elmwood.

First of all I am completely obsessed with how they decorate the little cafe. There are literally plants everywhere and I don’t know plants make me happy. They also have awesome lighting & cute decor items.


I love Elmwood and the vibe Elmwood gives off and I think it’s a perfect location for a place like this to be put there.

Ashker’s isn’t pricey at all which I love and the food is so so good guys.

I loved their french toast. I am a breakfast kind of gal. It isn’t really a place to work on stuff. It is more of a place you go and meet with people and eat. It’s definitely a good place to bring people together.

Well this is it guys. I hope you guys enjoyed and will check out these awesome places.

See you soon.


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