Fall Is Around the Corner


Honestly, I cannot contain my excitement towards Fall. Fall is by far my favorite season & I listed all the reasons why, and I’m sure some of you can relate.

Reason One //

It’s Sunflower season, come on! They’re five dollars at Wegmans. How could you go wrong?! All I know is next month, when I move into my first apartment, there will be sunflowers in every room. Yellow is such a happy, bright color and so unappreciated if you ask me.


Reason Two //

There is nothing I love more than going on road trips and adventure in the Fall, just to look at the beautiful different colored leaves. In my opinion, Fall is the best season to go hiking and adventuring to parks. It could be chilly, but the view is so worth it. So throw on a sweater and go outside. I could go to the park and literally sit on a blanket for hours just to get some fresh air and look at the trees around me.


Reason Three //

Your girl already bought three new fall candles from Bath and Body works and it’s August….. But this is a judgement-free blog. My space is going to look and smell like fall with all the fall colored throw pillows, blankets and cute fall decorations. I always have a candle burning, no matter what. Burning candles, to me, gives that home and cozy feel to your space.


Reason Four //

Apple and pumpkin everything. Oh, and I can’t forget apple cider. The slushies from the cider mill are the bomb. Also, nothing better than going for a trip to an apple orchard near you and going apple picking to make homemade apple pies at home.


Reason Five //

But, my favorite part of fall is the hot lattes and fall fashion. Nothing gets me more excited than switching my summer clothes with all these cozy sweater.

I do have to admit my Fall wardrobe game is pretty weak, but I promise you that you’ll see an improvement. As you can tell I have no problem making a few trips to the mall to purchase some good fall pieces to add to my wardrobe. I can honestly say my bank account isn’t ready for it though.


That’s it for the blog today, see you next Sunday for a new blog post.

XOXO Devan


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