Hello Friends! Welcome to my first year of Blogmas.

To be honest, I am super excited and motivated to post a blog for you every single day in the month of December. There are many different kinds of blogs I will be posting. Some will be Christmas themed, Outfits and just positivity blogs. I hope you guys are as excited as I am.

So for my first day of Blogmas, I decided to do a little welcome post. I’m going to tell you a little about me.

I’m Devan and I am 21 years old. I live in Buffalo, New York and have an apartment with my boyfriend, even though he isn’t in Buffalo for half the month, he’s out there following his dreams and reaching his goals and I couldn’t be any more proud of him.

While Alec is following his dreams, I am following one of mine by working with dogs. They are awesome and I couldn’t be any happier with what I am doing for a job. It is perfect for me. I also go to school locally and am majoring in Communications.

As of November, I hit one year on this blog. I like to blog about fashion, even though my bank account is screaming no, also, I love spreading positivity and spreading love; it’s huge for me. I’m all about spreading positive vibes. I am currently saving up for trips for next year because I also want to start documenting my travels. I love traveling and always has. I haven’t traveled recently at all because of school and work, but there are many places I would like to visit next year.

The goal of my blog is to be creative. I love creating content that motivates or helps you guys in any way, whether it be fashion or it is trying to look at life differently.

I am excited for the rest of the year and next year and the years to come. I hope you guys enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy blogging for you guys.

XOXO Devan,

Instagram // DevanKistner

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