Welcome back to Blogmas Day Four! Today, I am doing an outfit of the day. To be honest, I think these are my favorite blogs to write because I love finding fun locations to shoot. Plus, I love expressing my fashion through these pictures.

Jacket // Windsor                                Skirt // Pacsun   Tights // Target

On Sunday, Cora and I were driving to a play with my mom. On our way there, we drove by this cute place that had Christmas trees, so we decided to stop. It turned out perfect.

I love this outfit because it’s cute, but gives off an edgy vibe with the tights and sneakers. The skirt is from Pacsun and I absolutely love it because it is velvet. Plus, I think this is such a great staple to have in your closet because it’s a black skirt and you can wear it with anything. I’m going to be honest, I don’t remember where I bought my shirt from, but I absolutely love it because it shows the moon phrases.


This bracelet is from a website called Pawz. I bought matching bracelets for my friend and I for her birthday as best friend bracelets. She has the black one and I have the white marble one. There is one charm on the bracelet with a paw print, which is super adorable. By purchasing something from Pawz, part of the proceeds are donated to Stark County Humane Society. So help speak out for the animals that can’t speak out for themselves! Find it here.


My go-to sneakers always are converse. My goal is to have every color possible and the color I’m going after next is the yellow ones. But, I love the black especially for Fall and Winter. They go with everything and make your outfit super cute and casual, but they are also so comfortable.


I hope you guys enjoyed this outfit of the day and I will see you guys tomorrow.

XOXO Devan

Instagram // DevanKistner

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