How to Decorate Your Space for Christmas

Happy Tuesday friends! Today, I have sharing with you tips on jazzing up your living space for Christmas.

  1. Lets start with the tree of course!

There’s nothing like making some hot chocolate and spending time setting up your tree with friends, your significant other or your family! What I love most about decorating your Christmas is that you can be creative with it. You can even have a few trees in your apartment or house. This year I have one big on in the living room and then Alec and I are putting a smaller one in our bedroom filled with food ornaments.


2. Add some pillows and blankets

Pillows add so much to your space! I especially love this pillow I bought at Target! You can find it right here. Also, there’s nothing better than having a movie marathon with a cozy christmas blanket.


3. Add Lights

I personally love lights like everywhere. It just adds a cozy vibe to your apartment/house especially when there’s a christmas candle burning and you just cozying up and drink hot chocolate.


4. Christmas Candles

I constantly have candles burning in my apartment, no matter what time of year. But, I’m in love with the christmas scent candles. I think my favorite is Crackling Iced Cookie.


5. LED Board

I love my LED board. I got it at Urban Outfitters. Usually, it has a message to do with coffee because I keep it in my coffee corner, but since Christmas is coming up I decided to change it to say Happy Holidays.


6. Center Piece

I love my center piece for my kitchen table. I got the wooden platter from Target. I just added a cute christmas candle on it and a cute little dish with a D on it for Devan and a picture of a dog. I just added that because I thought it was something cute to add.


I hope some of these tips helped you get ideas for decorating your space.

See you tomorrow.

XOXO Devan



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