Winters in Buffalo

Hey friends! Well, today we are supposed to have a snow storm so I thought it was necessary to talk about the winters in Buffalo. As we all know Buffalo is crazy with the weather. It didn’t snow until today and it is now December 6th, but then sometimes we have snow early in October like when we had the October storm in 2006.

All I remember that day is waking up at around five o’clock in the morning with the telephone poles sparking and it looked like fireworks. Lucky, there was no damage to our house, instead we stayed inside with no power and played board games all day.

The funny thing about Buffalo is that we drive better in snow than we do in rain. Some places freak out if they get a few feet of snow, but us people from Buffalo think it’s nothing.


Also, lets also talk about the fact that it could be a blizzard out, but yet my college class will not get canceled.

Other than the bills sucking, the weather sucks also. But there’s no place like Buffalo. I love to call it my home.

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