My Favorite Holiday Snacks & Drinks

Hello friends! Today, I am talking about my favorite holiday snacks! Lets be real, none of these are really healthy. I get back into my healthy food diet after Christmas because there are way too many good snacks.

  1. Pillsbury Holiday Cookies

My goodness, these cookies are so good. I make them all the time when I want to sit and watch Christmas movies. I’m going to be honest with you guys, I have no shame in finishing a box by myself.


2. Chocolate cover pretzels with crushed up candy canes

I just tried these last week when I was waiting to be checked out in Wegmans and I’m so glad I did. I spent $5 on them, but that was the best $5 I’ve spent in a while.

3. Perry’s Holiday Ice Cream

There are three limited edition flavors for Perrys Ice Cream. They are peppermint stick, white christmas,  and Pumpkin Pie. Ice cream is my favorite dessert. I always have ice cream in my freezer, especially these kinds. I love pumpkin pie, so obviously I’m going to love the pumpkin pie ice cream by Perrys! I also love the peppermint stick ice cream. They are all so good!


4. Caramel Brûlée Latte

During the holidays, I always order the caramel brûlée latte from Starbucks. Starbucks is like my life savor.

5. Hot Chocolate

Of course, I can’t forget hot chocolate. Hot chocolate is my go-to drink of the Holidays. I always make some while watching Christmas and add some whipped cream. Hot chocolate is perfect for a nice chilly day in Buffalo.


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