Snow Days

Happy Monday! Nothing better than starting the week off with a snow day. My college campus is closed today because of all the snow it got yesterday, so I spent this morning exploring a new coffee shop called The Pallet Cafe with my mom before she went to work.

I am not only happy that I explored a new coffee shop, but that it is literally 10 minutes away from my apartment, so finally I don’t have to drive 25 minutes to the nearest cute coffee shop to do work.


I ordered an egg and cheese sandwich on a croissant and the blueberries and raspberries came with, so that’s a bonus! Then for a drink, of course, I ordered my vanilla latte. I have to say the food was amazing and so was the latte.

They also had really cute Buffalo home decor and jewelry.



This coffee shop also had really cute wall art and was decorated all cute for the Holidays. My favorite print is the moon phrases. Plus, the lady that was working was really sweet. I definitely found my new hang out.

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