Spending the Day on Elmwood

Good evening friends!

Yesterday, it was pretty chilly in Buffalo, but that didn’t stop Alec and I from exploring, so we decided to spend the day on Elmwood.

For those who don’t live in Buffalo, Elmwood is a cute little strip in Buffalo with cute local shops, cafes and restaurants. We mainly made a trip down there for the little local shops.

Ever since I have moved into our apartment back in October, I haven’t had any time to decorate it. I have just been buying stuff here and there picking at away major things I need and now I am focusing on smaller things to make it feel a little more comfortable and homey.

There is this adorable shop on Elmwood called Fern + Arrow and I absolutely love it. Even though it’s Christmas and I have a million other things to spend my money on, I just like to look and plan out what I would put where. I definitely see a trip back there in the near future.



– My outfit –

Hat // Windsor Store

Scarf // Urban Planet

Jean Jacket // Forever 21 (Best jacket ever)

Sweater // Forever 21

Black Jeans // Hollister

Shoes // My Chucks

Of course, you can’t forget the starbucks in my hand. That is the most important part of the picture.


Hope you enjoyed this blog and I will talk to you guys tomorrow.


XOXO Devan

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