How to Start Off 2018 Right!

Hello internet friends, this is the first blog of 2018!

Honestly, I love the new year. Even though it is just another day, it feels good to have  a fresh start. These are a few ways how I am getting ready to succeed in 2018, whether it be living a more simple lifestyle, or being more confident.

1 / Getting rid of all the negativity –

This is a year that I will cut off all things that bring me down. Sometimes, even though you don’t want to cut people out of your life, you need to and you won’t realize it until later on. Also, I am clearing my apartment. So I used sage to clear out anything negative that has been hanging on.

2 / Cleaning out your living space once a month –

I saw a picture on instagram and it said “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” I am living by this quote. I have been going through a lot of my stuff and getting rid of anything that hasn’t brought me any use in a while, even if I like it because it is just taking up space.

3 / Surround yourself with inspo –

Recently, I just got new bedding and I’m obsessed. It made my room come together. There are a few things I need to add, but piece by piece it will come together. I love being in my room because it is my own style and it is where I feel comfortable and expresses who I am. Also, I am working on doing an inspo board to hang in my room, so it is something I will look at every day and know I am working hard to do whatever I want to fulfill in my life. The inspo board will be covered in pictures of places I want to go, things I love to do, goals I want to achieve or positive quotes that I really like. It is something that will remind myself why I work so hard every day.

4 / Set Goals

It is always great to set goals, so you have something to work for every day. The best way to start the process for me is to take baby steps. Do things that are possible to reach. Make baby goals to get to your big goals. Make little accomplishments so it is possible to reach your big goals.

These are the few ways I am walking into 2018 and I hope these will help you step into 2018 on the right foot.


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