Goals & Dreams of 2018

Happy Sunday everyone! Lets keep 2018 rockin’ and rolling with an awesome week ahead. I have many goals I would like to reach in 2018. With a good mindset and a latte to keep my day going I can for sure reach all of these with a lot of hardwork and dedication. So, in today’s blog post I will share all the wonderful things I would like to accomplish in this upcoming year. So grab your morning coffee and lets get going!

1 /Β  Travel More

Realistically, I have six places I would like to travel to this year. I love traveling and creating memories with family and friends. There is so much to see in the world and this year I will definitely start picking away.

Destinations –

Toronto, Canada

Nashville, Tennessee

Yellowstone in Wyoming

Salt Lake City, Utah

Portland, Oregon

There are also places I am also going like NYC and Florida. But, the places listed above are on my bucketlist of this year.

2 / Filming More

I am majoring in Communications, but mostly focusing on the film aspect. I have always loved filming memories or just fun videos. I will be getting more into Youtube this year and I will be posting traveling and fashion content, and also a little bit of advice content on my channel. I am passionate about fashion and expressing myself through my style and I love inspiring people to do what they love to do and live a life full of memories and moments that you have always dreamed of having.

3 / Blog More

Of course, this one is a given! I want to blog more. I’m starting to post a blog once a week during the spring semester and then when summer hits I will be changing it to twice a week! I see a lot of OOTDs in the future of 2018! I also love home decor so I will also be making blogs on that! I also like reading food blogs, so maybe I’ll start looking into making those types of blogs. Let me know what you guys think! This year, I want to grow my blog and get more connected with my viewers. Whether that is doing giveaways or Q&A blogs! I want to get to know more about you guys and know what pushes you to be the best person you can be and how I can inspire you to push you even more!

4 / Healthier Lifestyle

Honestly, my lifestyle goes through waves when it comes to being healthy and going to the gym, which totally needs to change! I like a lot of healthy foods and I do like exercising, but then I have other days where I just want to hang out and watch netflix while eating junk food. Also, another goal of mine is to not eat past 8. I am a HUGE snacker. I love my snacks and eating right before bed. This is a goal I really need to work at and be strict with.


This one is a huge thing for me because I love water, but my problem is that I get too busy and forget to keep up with it until I’m like dehydrated. I bought a swell bottle and it’s all marble and cute! I love it! My goal is to fill it up at least 8 times a day. Which seems like a lot, but right now I fill it up probably 4 times a day. Plus, drinking a lot of water is good for the skin, so why not!

6 / Get My Tattoos

I have been wanting three tattoos probably for four years now and I thought of another one last June, so in 2018 my goal is to stop being a baby and get them done. I am literally in love with each and every one and that’s why I have wanted to get them done for so long, but I just haven’t. I will go more into depth into the meaning when I get them. But, the first step is to actually get them done.

7 / Meditate More

I love meditating and it is a good way to get yourself into a better state of mind. I find myself meditating a lot when I am feeling super stressed, just to bring myself back. I am trying to set up a little spot in my apartment that I can decorate in a way that relaxes me, so I can just sit there and chill out when I need to. I always want to buy a book that I saw a Youtuber doing a review on, that is full of readings and intentions to reflect on every day. I plan to buying that book and read it every morning while drinking my coffee. I feel like that is an awesome way to start of your morning also.

8 / Save Money

Since, I want to go on all these trips this year. I need to save money and stop buying stupid stuff. I started monitoring my spending after Christmas. Instead of stopping at Starbucks, I just make my latte at home. I stopped making trips to the mall and bringing even more clothes home, even though I don’t even have room in my closet now. A huge thing I have been doing is a making list when I go to Target or the grocery store, so that I just focus on what I actually need and stop buying unnecessary things. This is especially important when I go to target because we all know we go to Target for one thing and walk out with twenty. I haven’t been eating out at all and it has saved me so much money. I have been meal prepping and just bringing my lunch to work which has cut down on my spending! All that money that you spend at Starbucks or Panera really adds up.

9 / Self Love

This is something I will always have to work on, especially since we have this lovely thing called Social Media. We see so many girls that literally look perfect and then we start saying.. “Why can’t I be that skinny?” or “Why can’t my face look like that?” or “I wish I could dress like that.” But, we just have to remember that we are all different and beautiful in our own ways and that not everything we see on social media is true. People filter their lives and you don’t see the downs, you only see the things they want you to see. This year is the year where I stay true to myself and love myself for who I am. This year I am going to continue to grow as a person and learn.

10 / Positive Life, Happy Devan

This year I am going to continue to surround myself with positive people and anyone that sets off a negative vibe will no longer be in my life. Not saying that they are a terrible person, maybe we just didn’t mix well. You just need to find people that has the same vibe you are going for. If you follow your heart and surround yourself with people that just give off a positive vibe, you will remain happy. Not saying that life is rainbows and unicorns, there are some high and lows, but that’s when you need those people to pull you back to yourself and help you get back to your normal self.

I hope you guys really enjoyed todays blog as much as I loved writing it for you guys! Comment down below some of your 2018 goals.

See you soon! XOXO Devan

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