Just Stop & Think

Hey friends, welcome back! It has been forever and there’s no excuse really other than I have been trying to focus on myself. Today’s blog post is just an update on how I have been feeling lately.

There are so many things going on in my life right now. I have been trying to get through this semester. (My last semester finally!), midterms are next week and I am stressing, My brother leaves next week for Texas for the next six months. I go to Florida at the end of this month and then as soon as I get back, I am moving! Then, a few weeks after the move, the semester will be coming to an end and I will graduate. Finally, in May, I will hopefully be getting a dog! So, there are a lot of things going on right now.

The past few weeks, I have honestly just been taking the time to reflect on myself and where I am right now, mentally and physically. These past few weeks I have stopped and realized a lot of things and I kind of want to talk about it with you guys!

So lately, I have been in a really good mood. I have been working a lot, which makes me so happy because I love my job. I have been working out every day, which has made me fall in love more with my life. I have realized that I have been blessed with this healthy body and I haven’t been taking care of it like I should be, mentally and physically. I haven’t been given my body the love it deserves. I saw this tweet that I loved…. “My body created, carried & nourished life. My body holds me up & keeps me going every damn day. My body loves me & deserves my love.” – Modernwanderer_ on twitter. Within the past two weeks I have been in bed at 10 and sleeping by 10:30 which makes me wake up early around 6 to 6:30, which I love because I love being a morning person. Also, since I have been waking up early, I have had time to eat breakfast and I used to never eat any breakfast, but now I have so much energy in the morning to start my day off on a positive note! Honestly, little things like that make a huge difference.

Working out everyday has made me feel so good and my muscles are thanking me. I am not working out to look a certain way. I’m working out just so my muscle stay relaxed and stretched. They need to be worked. I have picked up running also. I used to run like crazy in middle school and now I am 21… As much as I wish I could run 5 miles without getting tired like I used to… I can’t. I am easing my way back into running. Just to get moving. It’s better to start late than never start at all.

Eating healthy and drinking water have been huge things for me. I have been trying to bring my water bottle every where. I try to fill it up at least four or five times a day. Also, although some days I want to be lazy and pop a pizza in the oven, fruits and veggies are way better for you! I have been loving my asparagus and berries. Yummy healthy food can taste good too! I have been loving peanut butter banana smoothies lately! I have been meal prepping for all my lunches for when I am at work. It makes me eat healthier and saves me money!

I am glad to finally realize I have been given this beautiful body to grow in and explore life. Why would I kill it with foods that make it weak? Now I am not bashing anyone who doesn’t work out or eat healthy all the time, I am just expressing how excited I am to start this healthy lifestyle and grow as a person mentally and physically.

Now Buffalo bring me nice weather, so I can adventure outside. Okay, Thanks!


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