Meet Reba

On April 16th 2018, I adopted my better half, Reba. Reba was found in Oklahoma as a stray with ten puppies. Sadly, only two out of the ten made it. The others didn’t make it in such terrible, cold weather. She stayed in a foster home until she took a road trip to Buffalo.

It was mid March and I was scrolling through Facebook one day and she popped up on my feed and I knew I wanted her right there and then. Alec, my boyfriend and I knew we weren’t moving out of our apartment until mid April and assumed the rescue probably wouldn’t hold her until then. She was all I talked about at work for a few days and a lady I worked with was telling me to message them. “The worse thing they can say is no.” So I did.

I contacted them telling them I was super interested, but I wasn’t able to adopt her until mid April. They were awesome and very understanding of my situation. We set up a meet and greet right away and a few days later… I met her. I fell in love, right there and then. The foster mom was very welcoming. That day I knew Reba would come to her forever home soon.

The next few weeks, I visited her once or twice a week for her to get somewhat used to me. She was of course standoffish at first, of course, but soon she started to finally warm up. I waited impatiently for weeks to go by until she finally came home. Her home visit was on April 16th and she did amazing. She came to her forever home and waiting for her were two baskets of toys and lots of love.



She is definitely the perfect match for me. She loves to cuddle and she loves to adventure. Even though, she is still trying to get into a routine, she is finally starting to feel comfortable and safe with Alec and I because we are making the process fun.


Between taking her on adventures and meeting new furry friends, she is doing great. It has only been a week and a half and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me and my fur baby.


I can’t thank Silver Lining for Pitbulls in Buffalo enough for letting me welcome Reba into her furever home. I finally found my other half and I can’t wait for all the adventures and memories with Reba.

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