Top 4 Favorite Ice Cream Flavors

Happy August friends!

Today, I am sharing my top four favorite ice cream flavors. So I’ll pause for a second and you can run and get yourself a bowl of ice cream first, before I begin….

Ice cream is by far my favorite thing to eat. There’s so many awesome flavors and, lets be real, I always crave ice cream, so I decided why not make a post about it. I once saw a quote that said “Ice cream is cheaper than therapy” and well, they aren’t lying. Am I right?


My first favorite flavor is by Perry’s Ice Cream is Let’s Dough Buffalo. They came out with this flavor last October. This one is by far my favorites because there are chocolate chunks and cookie dough. So, if you are having a chocolate craving I would definitely try this flavor out.

Next, is Parkhouse which is one of Perry’s 100 year anniversary flavors. I am a huge lover of maraschino cherries. I’m that person that grabs the whole jar and just eats them, so I really enjoy this flavor!

The third flavor is seasonal and it is coming out soon because it is the most wonderful time of the year, fall time. The flavor is Pumpkin Pie and I love anything pumpkin pie, so pumpkin pie ice cream is perfect for me and it gets me in the holiday spirit with Halloween and Thanksgiving.

My last favorite flavor is Neapolitan. It is all the basic flavor into one, Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate. As much as I love all those other cool flavors, Neapolitan is a great flavor when you are in the mood for ice cream, but don’t want something to overpowering. Plus, you have three flavors to pick from.


So now you’re probably hungry for ice cream if you didn’t grab some when I told you to. So go treat yourself to a big bowl of ice cream. We all deserve it.


XOXO Devan


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