Fall Bucketlist 2018

Normally, Fall starts on September 22nd most people, but for me it starts September first. So, with that being said, Happy Fall. Every year I like to write out a Fall Bucket list to go by, so that when I’m chilling out on my day off and wonder what to do, I can go right to my bucket list.

Let the fun begin!

  • Go to a Sunflower field – There are multiple by my house and I’m planning to go there soon because I have already seen pictures all over the gram. Sunflowers are not just picture-worthy, but they are also my favorite kind of flower, so I love to fill my space with as many sunflowers as I can.


  • Go to the Cider Mill – Although, I have already been to the Cider Mill quite a few times, I decided to still add it to the bucket list. My local cider mill has the best donuts. My favorite is the cream cheese donut and of course you can’t forget the cider slushie on the side.
  • Carve Pumpkins – This is my dog’s first Halloween and I’m so excited to carve her pumpkin. I have had it planned out for two months now.


  • Go apple picking and make apple pies – I love doing this every year. I usually go with my whole family and then after we make apple pies for the homeless shelter in Buffalo.


  • Take a trip to Ellicottville – Ellicottville is about a hour drive from where I live. It is a huge place for skiing and snowboarding in the winter, but I absolutely love going here during the Fall because of the leaves. They have a cute little village with shops and restaurants, and it is the perfect weather to walk around. Plus, they have an awesome sculpture park and it’s huge.


  • Go to the Niagara Falls Gorge – I also love going to this place in the Fall because of the leaves. I went two years ago and it was gorgeous and I look forward to going back again this year.


  • Binge watch Halloween movies – I love doing this, especially on a cozy day that you just want to grab a blanket, your dog and warm cider and cozy up! I started doing this actually last week. I grabbed a half a dozen donuts from the cider mill and put on some Halloweentown. (Comment down below your favorite Halloween movie!)


I can’t wait till the weather cools down and the leaves start to change colors, so I can start picking at my bucket list. So go and make your own bucket list full of fun activities to do during the best season ever.

Let spooky season begin!

XOXO Devan


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