Fall Staple Pieces 2018

Hello friends! Today I am here with a fashion post. I am going to share with you my staple fashion pieces that are a must have for this season. Fall isn’t only my favorite season because of all of the fun activities, it’s also my favorite season for fashion. I’m a huge fan of looking really cute in all of the beautiful fall colors, but also feeling cozy and warm at the same time.

So let’s jump into it, shall we.

Sweaters – Chunky sweaters gives me life, especially on a chilly day. They are easy to pair with any bottoms; leggings, jeans, a skirt with tights, you name it! Sweaters look good no matter what you pair with them.

Overalls – I look forward to fall because I live in my overalls. I have had the same pair of overalls for forever. They are from Hollister and they have the perfect amount of rips in the them. I’m pretty sure I will never throw them out until I literally can’t wear them anymore. I feel like Fall is the perfect season to rock them.


Crewnecks – These are perfect for a cozy day that you don’t really want to put much effort into your outfit. My favorite crewneck in my closet is my “Friends” crewneck. I bought it in Ithaca at Urban Outfitters in February and I wear it when I feel like having a lazy day or I am just running errands. I’ve gotten so many comments on it whenever I wear it.


Leggings – I love leggings. They are awesome to pair with a chunky sweaters. They are nice and comfortable for running errands or when you just want to stay warm and don’t feel like wearing jeans that day.

Hats – Hats are great for fall weather. I think everyone should have a plain black hat. It is perfect when you aren’t having the best hair day. Plus, accessorizing with a hat adds so much to an outfit.



Black Converse – I live in my converse all four seasons of the year. I feel like in the Fall time is the time to put the white converse away and swap out for the black ones. They make any outfit so cute! The only problem is when you have the high tops, it takes forever to put them on and take them off.

Boots – Cute boots are everything and add so much to an outfit. It is starting to get too cold to wear flats or sandals, so let’s bring out the boots. Also, wearing boots instead of converse can make your outfit look a little more dressed up.

Tights – In the fall, it is starting to get more chilly, so leaving your legs bare can be pretty cold. I love black tights to have that thin layer on your legs. They dress up your outfit and make it seem like you put a lot more effort in your outfit than you really did.

Skirts – Black skirts are a huge staple for Fall for me. Obviously, I always wear black tights with my black skirts in the Fall. So that’s why black tights are also a huge staple for me. Also, going off of #8, wearing tights and a skirt dresses up your outfit and makes it seem like you put a lot more effort into your outfit than you actually did.
Well there you have it! Those are my must have pieces for the Fall season. You will see me living in all of these and still looking cute and keeping warm and cozy throughout this Fall season.

XOXO Devan

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