22 Things I Learned At 22

Happy Fall friends! It was my 22nd birthday on Monday. I was going to do a birthday blog of all the fun I had over the weekend, but I decided to do a blog about 22 things I have learned at 22 instead.


  1. No matter how much you love a person, sometimes they can be toxic for you. Don’t be scared to distance yourself.
  2. Surround yourself with people that put as much effort into your friendship/relationship as you do.
  3. Self care is so important!! – Life can get so crazy and go by so fast. Take some time and ask yourself how you have been doing mentally. Check up on yourself.
  4. Never go a day without drinking coffee – unless you want a huge caffeine headache
  5. Be in the moment – We get so caught up in what is going to happen in the future, that we stress ourselves out so much that we miss out on a lot of our beautiful time of earth.
  6. Take care of the environment – The earth has to deal with us crazy human beings, take care of it, so we are on this earth as long as we can be.
  7. Physical health and mental health are equally as important.
  8. Be open minded and never stop learning from others – We have so much to learn from other people, whether it be educational or stories about people’s lives.
  9. Let that shit go – We aren’t on this earth for long, life is short, don’t spend it holding grudges
  10. Love Yourself – Wake up, do your makeup, wear cute clothes for you! Rock that outfit. Nothing is more beautiful than a confident YOU.
  11. Check up on old friends – We all have those friends that we go a few weeks or even months or years without talking to. Check up on them, make sure they are doing well.
  12. Love your animals – Your pets’ world revolves around you! Be the best leader you can be. You are their everything. Be the person your pets thinks you are.
  13. Always remind the people you love that you love them. We get caught up in everything going on in our lives and in the world that we forget what truly is important, Love.
  14. Don’t settle – Don’t settle for a job, a significant other, a friend that doesn’t serve you. At the end of the day, the only thing you can truly count on is yourself. Make sure you are always doing what is best for you.
  15. Distance doesn’t mean anything – Strong friendships or relationships can’t be broken no matter the distance.
  16. You can never own too many plants
  17. Take many pictures – As much as I love to live in the moment, take a few pictures to hold onto that moment forever. Nothing better than looking at a pictures of an amazing moment and all those memories come running back.
  18. Spend the money to see your favorite bands/artists live – No feeling will ever beat seeing your favorite artist/band sing one of your favorite songs while you are screaming your lungs out to every word.
  19. Don’t regret anything – No matter how dumb you feel a decision was, don’t regret it because it helped shaped you into who you are today.
  20. Always have a list of books to read and read them.
  21. Wake up excited every day because you don’t know how many days you truly have left to do so.
  22. Appreciate every sunset – Be blessed that we were able to have another beautiful day

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