Birthday Show – Alternative Buffalo 107.7 2018

It’s officially spooky season. Happy October friends!

On Monday, October 1st, 2018, Alternative Buffalo 107.7 had their birthday show. It was their fifth birthday, so they put on a concert at Buffalo Riverworks, and Joywave, The Neighbourhood and Flora Cash came.

I wasn’t too familiar with Flora Cash, before the concert, but I listened to some of their songs and obviously knew their most popular song “You’re Somebody Else.” But after seeing them in concert, I really enjoyed their music more. Flora Cash is a two person band consisting of a husband and wife duo, which I thought was pretty cool. They also told us that they met online and she is from Sweden and he is from Minnesota. I really dug their vibe and how different they are from any other alternative artists. I would definitely go see them in concert again.

Favorite Song // Nothing Lasts Forever


Then Joywave went up and I LOVE them. I saw them at Rapids Theaters a few years back when they opened up for The Kooks. They are super high energy and their band was formed in Rochester, which isn’t too far from Buffalo, which I thought was pretty cool. The singer Dan, seems like a pretty rad dude. They were talking about doing another show in Rochester around Christmas time, so I will be taking a little road trip to see them again in a few months.

Favorite Song // Now


Lastly the Neighbourhood performed, this was my also my second time seeing them live. I have been a pretty big fan of The Neighbourhood for a while and they are one of my favorite bands to listen to around Fall time. They are good to listen to for long car rides or if you just want to vibe out. I was so excited to see them live again.

Favorite Song // Daddy Issues

Outfit of the Night

OOTD stairs

Now, I love getting ready in the Fall time! I am obsessed with Fall fashion and makeup. So be ready to see more outfit blogs around this time of year! Plus, it’s the perfect weather in Buffalo. It has been high fifties to low sixties and I’m loving it.

So, back to my outfit of the night!

Jean Jacket // Forever 21

Shirt // Forever 21

Scarf // Windsor

Pursue // Old Navy

Skirt // Charlotte Russe

Tights // Target

Booties // Brand is Cliffs


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