Toronto Bucketlist 2018

Hey friends! I plan to go on a trip to Toronto in November, so I decided to make myself a little bucketlist and thought I would share it with you guys! I went to Toronto two years ago and I’m so excited to go back. Some of these places on this list are places I’ve already been too, but I haven’t been to Toronto in a while, so why not go visit some of these places again!?

1/ The Toronto Sign – I loved going to see the Toronto sign. It is also pretty cool at night because it lights up. The mall is right near it, so I will stop and visit it on my way to the mall.

toronto sign

2/ Ripley’s Aquarium – I haven’t been to many aquariums, so this one is by far my favorite because it’s so big and it’s just awesome. Plus, I love love love ocean creatures. My favorite, by far, are jellyfish.

3/ Go shopping – As I said the mall is right near the Toronto sign. I love that mall because it has everything. But, I also like going along Queens and checking out the stores there. They also have an awesome Brandy Melville store.


4/ Art Gallery of Ontario – I have never been, but I really love art and wanted to check it out!

5/ Geologic Gallery – I also haven’t gone to this gallery yet, but I’m super pumped about it. I have been pretty big into crystals for a few years now. I find them super interesting and love the meaning behind certain ones. I think this is what I’m the most excited to visit on this trip.

6/ Graffiti Alley – I am in love with graffiti. As I said, I love art, but I love graffiti and actually would love to do some of my own. I haven’t been to the Graffiti Alley, but I’m pumped to check it out! I’m a lover of abandoned places filled with graffiti, so I know I’ll love this place.

7/ Go to as many cute coffee shops as I can – This one is a must! I’ve been searching on instagram for a bunch of cute coffee shops and screenshotting them for my trip. I’m a nerd and get excited to try new coffee shops!

8/ Escape Room (Riddle Room) – Years ago, I went to Toronto with my mom and my two aunts and we went to the Riddle Room. This time I’m going with my boyfriend, my friend and her boyfriend, so I think the riddle room will be so much fun for us! I loved it because I did one that was a little girl’s room and it definitely creepy and felt so real. I’m so excited to go back!


So, this is my bucket list, so far! Within the next few weeks, I’m going to be looking on instagram and adding to it, but for now I think this is a pretty good start! I’m excited because as much as I love everything going on in my life right now, sometimes you get burned out and just need a break. So Toronto is going to be my little road trip and break from daily tasks! I’m so excited and be ready for Toronto blogs in the future.

XOXO Devan  


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