South Carolina Part One

Hey friends!  I am on my way to South Carolina as I am writing this. I am going to do something a little different today and with the next few blogs. I am going to write a sort of diary-style post. I plan to use this as an opportunity to check in with my laptop and just share my trip and experiences. I will be breaking these blog posts up by day! I will also be posting a travel diary to YouTube. I will share the link down below. So let’s get this blog started!

1:30 pm

We left Buffalo at noon and the GPS says we will get to South Carolina at 10:32 PM.  My brother graduates the marines this week, so I am pretty excited to see him. I haven’t seen him since mid July! I am sitting in a 12 passenger van and I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty rad. My whole family is going with our neighbors. Even with all eight of us, it is pretty roomy and nice. I am killing my brothers hotspot right now typing this…technology is pretty cool, man. I brought three books along for this fourteen hour car ride. Hoping I finish them, which there isn’t a reason why I shouldn’t with all this time on my hands.

Books I Brought:

  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving a #@%! – Mark Manson
  • Inside Of A Dog – Alexandra Horowitz
  • A Book of Tarot – Danielle Noel


I am almost done with “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a #@%!”, so that’s pretty exciting. “A Book of Tarot” is on my list next because I am currently super into tarot card readings and want to learn more about them. As soon as I am done with this trip, I’m going to have to make a stop at Barnes and Noble because I’ll be finished with all of the books on my list by then.

I’m pretty excited for this trip. I have never been to South Carolina before. We have driven through it before while going to Savannah, GA, but never stopped and checked it out. Cheers to a new place pinned on my map.

7:35 pm

It’s a lot later now and the sun just went down and it was absolutely gorgeous. Finished my first book, it was really good. I highly recommend it, if you are into self help books. I love those type of books because they definitely make you think about life and make you appreciate what’s around you. I am in Beckley, WV. I was looking on the map app on the iPhone and noticed I was pretty close to Roanoke. I’m going to keep my eye for the butcher lol. I think we are spending the night in North Carolina, just outside of Charlotte and then driving out to South Carolina early tomorrow morning. There is supposed to be a tropical storm coming in from the Hurricane, so the weather isn’t supposed to be the nicest which sucks.


October 10, 2018

11:16 am

We are finally almost there! We stopped outside of Charlotte for the night and we woke up at 7 this morning, stopped for food and we were off again! It is a three hour drive to Beauford. It’s actually beautiful out! We hit a bunch of rain on the way from the hurricane, but it’s gorgeous now and the sun is out, so it’s a good day!


3:57 pm

We just saw my brother, which was pretty cool since I haven’t seen him since mid July. He was doing his practice for graduation, but we obviously weren’t able to talk to him. Now, we are headed to our hotel in South Carolina. I have been searching for local coffee shops for tomorrow, since family day is cancelled from the Hurricane Michael. There’s this super cute one called Carolina Cider Co. & Superior Coffee! So I’m definitely going to be taking an Uber there tomorrow morning!

9:53 pm

Today was our first full day in Beauford, SC and it was absolutely beautiful. We thought it was going to rain today because of the hurricane, but we haven’t gotten anything yet! After, seeing my brother, we went to dinner at Outback Steakhouse. I don’t eat meat, so I just had a Caesar salad with a side of mashed potatoes and it was so good! Then, we headed back to our hotel and after, we shortly went for a walk around the area. It was the perfect weather. It was 80 with a slight breeze, which was nice! Now, I’m ready for bed because tomorrow we may to be going Savannah, GA to see my uncle and aunt! I love Savannah and walking along the river, so I’m praying that the weather will be decent for tomorrow!


Today’s outfit

Sweater dress // BCBgeneration

Boots // Famous Footwear – Name brand is Cliffs

Purse // Old Navy


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