South Carolina Part Two

11:13 am

We just finally all got ready and are on the road. We ate breakfast at the hotel which had a really good selection and now we are on the road to Hilton Head, SC.

It’s 54 minutes away from our hotel. We are just going to spend the day there, instead of going to Savannah, GA because my cousins won’t be home today.


5:05 pm

I am currently sitting in a tattoo parlor and I just got two new tattoos! I’ve been wanting to get these tattoos since freshman year of high school. I just got the sun and the moon on my ankles! I’m in love with them! It didn’t really hurt! Plus, it only took about 5 minutes! We rented bikes and we were riding around Hilton Head for four hours and it took us about a hour to find this tattoo parlor! Now it’s time to ride a hour back lol.


6:10 am

We are on our way to see my brother’s graduation. It starts at nine, but since there’s limited seating, we have to leave really early! After, we are going back to our hotel to pack our stuff up and start heading home. I’m really pumped to see my brother. I’m excited to drive home with him and hear all his stories about boot camp, and what he liked and didn’t like about it. I’m really happy for him and this is only the start of a crazy journey.


3:57 pm

We are finally on our way back to Buffalo. We left probably two hours ago, but i took a little nap. We went to the Outback again. It was nice to see my brother, even though he will be leaving again shortly. We have to squeeze in a bunch of stuff within this next week, before he leaves again. Overall, it was a great trip! I liked South Carolina and it’s another place I can check off my map.


I hope you guys enjoyed this style of post!

Thanks for following along on my short trip to South Carolina.

XOXO Devan


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