My Must Haves for Traveling

Hey Friends! As you know, I will be taking a roadtrip to Toronto, Canada soon. I have decided to do my “Must-Haves” for traveling! I am only going for a weekend, so I don’t have to pack too heavy. But let me tell you the things I need to make this trip fun and memorable.

  • My Digital Camera – Of course, being a blogger, this is a must-have for me. During this trip I will be creating a lot of content for my blog, so my camera is probably the most important thing I need. I am also super into editing footage together, so I plan on making a mini video of my Toronto trip, just to have for memories.
  • My Polaroid Camera  – I have been planning to make a collage of polaroids in my room, so with that idea I need to take more pictures with my polaroid camera. I love my polaroid camera. I used to use it so much, but honestly I haven’t used it in a while. I will be keeping this on me all the time in Toronto to take pictures of memories and also what we are checking out and visiting.
  • Cash – Toronto has some amazing stores, shops and coffee shops and I don’t want to miss out out on that, especially their Brandy Melville store. Of course, you can’t forget about money.
  • My Notebook – I also like going to cities because I feel super inspired while I travel, so carrying around my blogging notebook is a must. Cities help feed my brain ideas and help me think of content for my blog.
  • My Phone – I love taking pictures and even though I have my camera, it is also good to have your phone on you, incase your camera died or ran out of room on the SD card. Plus, I have to make some Insta Stories. My instagram is also devan.janee, go give it a follow.
  • Faux Fur Jacket – I recently bought this from H&M a few weeks ago and I have been living in it. It is cute,yet cozy and perfect for Toronto.
  • Converse – This is a must, of course. I will be walking all around the city, so I need comfortable shoes that I don’t mind walking in for hours.
  • Black Jeans – Since it is Fall, black jeans are a staple piece in my wardrobe, especially to pair it with a cute graphic t shirt or sweater. I am a sucker for a cute, but casual look.
  • My Cliff Boots – If you haven’t read any of my recent blogs, you wouldn’t know this, but I LIVE in these boots. They are adorable for Fall and also comfortable and sometimes I just like changing it up, instead of living in my converses.
  • Sweaters – This is another must because, since it is November, it is layering season. A plain sweater is perfect for layering and it will keep me warm when I am walking to my destinations in Toronto.
  • My Crossbody Purse – I bought a really cute crossbody purse from Old Navy a few months ago and it is my go to. I’m not a fan of the huge purses that you carry on your shoulder. I like the simple small side purse because you don’t really have to hold onto it and it isn’t in your way.
  • Scarves – I bought a bunch of different scarves from Garage a few years ago and I still love them and wear them with most of my outfits because living in Buffalo is cold. I would like to work on growing my blankets scarf collection more this year.

Those are my Must-Haves for my upcoming Toronto trip. Obviously, I’ll need the essentials like pjs, makeup, contact stuff, toothbrush and stuff like that. But fashion and technology wise, those are the things I must have for Toronto.

I’m so excited for this trip and I hope you guys are excited for future Toronto blogs.

XOXO Devan

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