How I Get Myself to be in the Christmas Spirit // Blogmas Day Three

Happy Blogmas Day Three!

I am in full on Christmas mode and I have been since mid November! If you aren’t in full Christmas mode, I hope you are after this post.  Let’s be real, I have to start early because Christmas honestly flies by in a blink of an eye with all the parties, activities, get togethers and everything else Christmas brings! These are a few things I do to get in full Christmas mode!


  1. Put up my tree –


I usually wait until after Thanksgiving to do this, but putting up my tree is probably one of the biggest things to do to put myself in the Christmas mood. This is awesome to do with my family or friends or even by myself. I like to put on the virtual fireplace, since I don’t have a real one, and blast some Christmas music! I love decorating the tree because it lights up my space and it gives off such a cozy vibes, especially when the sun goes down and I have all the lights off in my apartment. It is great to sit by the lit tree while watching Christmas movies.


  1. Start my Christmas Shopping –

I actually have quite few parties to go to this year, which means I have a few secret Santa gifts to buy. Usually, I wait last minute to get presents, but this year I started shopping right after Thanksgiving. I am trying to be more productive and get my shopping done, so I’m not stressing about it in mid-December. I also have a decent sized family, so I have a lot of presents to buy! I love giving gift to the people I love. I also love being creative with their present and seeing the look on their faces, when they open up a present from me!


  1. Put up the rest of my decorations –

I actually did this before putting up the tree. I picked away at my Christmas decorates because I didn’t want to decorate my apartment too early. Now my apartment is all decorated and it looks so nice and I love it. I also decorated early because of blogmas! It helps me get in the mood and feel creative for blogmas with decorates up around my apartment.


  1. Burn Candles –


It has been going around that you should only buy soy candles because other candles have toxins, so I definitely have cut down on burning super scented candles like Bath and Body Works. I still buy them once in a while because I have been buying them for so long, but I have been liking P.F. Candle Co. which you can buy online or at Urban Outfitters. They are kind of pricey, but I love them. I have an obsession with candles, they make my space feel extra cozy!


  1. Adding Christmas Lights –


I love doing this! As I said earlier, Christmas lights are so pretty at night because they light up my apartment! I have a sliding glass door in my apartment which I put red lights on and I added some to my bed frame to make it cozy.


  1. Play Christmas Music –

In Buffalo, two of the radio stations started playing Christmas music right after Halloween. To be honest that was way too early for me, so I started listening to it mid November, which is still too early for some people. As I said I like to start early because Christmas goes by so fast and it is my favorite time of the year and I just like to take my time enjoying it. Now I have been listening to Christmas music every day because obviously I am in full Christmas mode and plus Christmas music makes me so happy. I hardcore jam to Christmas music, whether I am driving somewhere, cleaning my apartment or doing some work on my blog.


  1. Watching Christmas Movies –

I have watched so many Christmas movies already! I always do this when I want to feel cozy. Christmas movies make me so happy. I am actually doing a blog post on Christmas movies you must watch. Plus, what is better than watching Christmas movies with my friends, family, my boyfriend or even by myself?! Don’t forget the snacks and the coffee.


  1. Christmas Activities –

I love to get out and about around this time of year. There’s so many fun things to do in the winter, so I take advantage of it. I love the winter and snow, so this time of year is so fun for me. I will be posting my winter bucketlist tomorrow. So stay tuned and check back in tomorrow to see what activities I like to do this time of year.

I hope this blog helped some of you guys get in the Christmas spirit! Let me know what you like to do to get yourself in the Christmas spirit down below and I will talk to you guys tomorrow.

XOXO Devan


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