My Winter Bucketlist 2018 // Blogmas Day Four

Welcome to Blogmas.

It is the fourth day of Blogmas and today I will be sharing with you my winter bucket list.

I love winter activities, even though it is so cold. Let’s buddle up and get this party started.


  1. Go to Canalside – In Downtown Buffalo at Canalside they have an outdoor ice rink. I love it. Downtown is so pretty and I love the vibes, and I also love skating so I am so excited to check this off my bucket list.
  2. Christmas Movie Marathon – Later on in Blogmas I will be sharing some good Christmas movies with you! Watching Christmas movies is a must for me each year. Nothing better than making a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and cuddling up with your dog and watching Christmas movies all day with the Christmas tree lit up.
  3. Drive around and look at Christmas light – I love this one! I love sitting in the nice warm car with the heated seats on while driving around and looking at the different houses with their christmas lights shining.
  4. Make Christmas cookies – There is nothing I love more than Christmas cutout sugar cookies, especially because you get to decorate them however you want. This is a fun activity to do while jamming out to some good christmas jams. Plus, this is a good thing to do with your family or friends or even just by yourself as a festive form of self-care!
  5. Decorating my apartment/room – This is obviously a given. This is probably my favorite thing to do because I love decorating. I love to take a trip to heaven (aka Homegoods) and spend a whole paycheck or two and to make my apartment/room look like the North Pole threw up all over it. If it doesn’t, then I’m doing it all wrong.
  6. Have fun with my family – No better time than to get together with your friends or family around the holidays and make memories because memories are great. Create memories that you will never forget.

That is my little Winter Bucketlist, I am sure it will grow as the month goes on. I am excited for the Holidays and the time for giving and creating memories with the ones you love.

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