How I Stay Motivated in the Winter // Blogmas Day Six

Happy Blogmas Day 6!

Today I will be sharing with you the ways I stay motivated during the winter time. I turn to this list a lot after the holidays and New Years passes because that is when I find myself in a funk. In Buffalo, it is very cold and stays that way for a while… basically all the way up to April. Which causes me to get into a funk because, as much as I love Winter, I get sick of it by the time March comes around and I just want to get outside and adventure and not be stuck in the house. Even though we are still going to have fun this Winter, I like to keep this list in mind even before I feel myself slipping into a funk. These are things that help me keep going and staying on top of things.

  1. Go to the Gym –

I find myself slacking off at the gym around the Holidays, just simply because I want to do all the festive things and spend time with my family and friends while I have the chance. It is tough to find motivation to go to the gym when everyone is coming home for the holidays around this time. I want to spend all of my time catching up with friends that have moved to different places before they go back. So I like to go to the gym at least two or three times a week throughout the holiday season, but as soon as Christmas is over I like to get back on track and go to the gym at least five or six times a week. It keeps my body moving and the gym also relieves a lot of stress and helps me get over that feeling of being stuck in the house because I can’t go out and adventure because of the weather. Plus, I try to not drive as much as possible when the roads suck. Luckily, I live right down the street from my gym, so it is super easy to get to.

2. Declutter –

This is a huge one for me. I cannot stand clutter and it is also a reason why I can’t blog at my apartment. I can’t start doing work on my blog or anything else until my apartment is literally spotless. So then I will clean it and waste two hours doing a deep clean when I could of put that time towards blogging. So my goal in the new year is to do a deep declutter for the new year and get rid of any clothing, decor or anything I haven’t used within the past six month.

3. Organization –

This goes along with decluttering because after I declutter, I have to organize everything I have chosen to keep. I actually enjoy organizing things because It makes me feel like I have my shit together. I love organizing my closet especially. I am all about making my closet all organized because it helps me pick out my outfit faster.

4. Keeping up with everything-

Keeping up with everything is something I really try to focus on. This helps me stay motivated because when I stop or fall behind, I find myself in a funk. So this basically wraps up everything. If I keep busy with friends, go to the gym, make sure my space is tidy and neat and keep up on my blog. I will be constantly moving, especially working on top of it. I love my job, so my job keeps me busy and I am constantly moving there.

These are the few things that keep me motivated in the Winter. I will find myself looking at this list quite a bit as the holiday season comes to an end and time starts slowing down and I’m not as busy. What keeps you motivated in the winter?

XOXO Devan

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