Top Five Favorite Shows

Welcome friends! I hope you are enjoying Blogmas. Today I have such a great blog post, even though it isn’t holiday related. Today I am going to be sharing with you my 5 favorite TV shows.

All of these shows are comedies because I’m a comedy kind of gal. After a long day of work, there’s nothing I love more than coming home and watching my favorite show. All of these shows I have watched multiple times. It says a lot too because usually I can’t watch shows more than once because obviously I know what is going to happen. Also, it is a perfect time to binge watch shows when it is cold and snowy out.

So I guess we will start with my favorite show, which is “The Office.” I just finished this show a few weeks ago and after I was done with it, I honestly didn’t know what to do with my life. Everyone always talked about it, so I thought “well it must be good.” As soon as I started, I could not stop. I watched at least four or five episodes a day. I was obsessed. Michael Scott is my spirit animal. This show is about an office that basically had their own documentary that showed their day to day life. I always go to this show when I’m not feeling well or if I am feeling down in the dumps because this show will turn that frown around. This show is available to stream on Netflix.

My Favorite Episode // Season Five, Episode 14

The second favorite TV show is “That ‘70s Show.” This is a good comedy for when hanging out with friends. This is show is just about a group of friends that do stupid stuff that teenagers do. I love this show mainly because of the time period it takes place during. I love how it’s just a bunch of kids hanging out and chilling before technology became big. It is cool to see what kids would do instead of sitting on their phones. I was growing up right as technology was becoming bigger, but I still spent a lot of my childhood outside. We didn’t have an iPhone in fourth grade like kids do today. As much as I love technology, it is sad seeing kids not be kids. It makes me so sad seeing the kids of today sitting in front of iPads instead of spending time outside with other neighborhood kids. I think that is why I appreciate That 70’s Show so much. This is also available to stream on Netflix.

The next show is “How I Met Your Mother.” My brother actually got me into this show. I always saw him watching it, so one day I finally sat down with him and watched it and I ended up really loving it. This show is basically going back in time and showing Ted’s kids how he met their mother and basically his whole story. I actually have been wanting to watch this, but sadly they took it off of Netflix, but I heard it is on Hulu. I definitely am going to go back and binge watch this show over the next few weeks.

Now, the next show is pretty weird. It is called “End of the F***ing World.” and it is a Netflix original with only one season so far, but I’ve heard there is going to be a second. This is another show my brother recommended. Honestly, it is a very dark comedy. The first episode, I was like “Colin, what the heck am I watching.” He told me to give it a few episodes and it will get better. It starts off really strange and confusing and a bit messed up, but honestly it was a pretty good show. I actually enjoyed it and I can’t wait for the second season. I finished this show in like two days. The episodes were pretty short. For this one, you are just going to have to take my word and watch it because it is hard to explain without giving so much away.

Lastly, you probably could guess, is “Friends.” This is the kind of show that is great because you can just dive in at any episode and still enjoy. You don’t have to watch it in order. It is just about a group of friends that are super dysfunctional. Many of you probably have seen “Friends”, but if you haven’t you should check it out. You can find it on Netflix.

Well those are my favorite five shows. So grab some ice cream, snacks and hot chocolate and let’s start binge watching. Tis the season, for watching multiple episodes of my favorite shows.

Let me know what your favorite show is down below. And I will talk to you guys tomorrow.

XOXO Devan

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