Hello friends! 

Today I am going to share my first outfit of the day during Blogmas! Honestly, it surprisingly hasn’t been too cold lately. 

Today’s outfit is a good outfit when you want to be cute, yet casual. I have been chilling in a coffee shop all day, so this is a perfect coffee shop outfit. I am super comfortable and I have been sitting in Starbucks for the past two hours blogging, which is pretty cool. I always have to feel comfortable when I blog, otherwise I can’t concentrate.

So I am wearing this cute yellow and black plaid jacket I bought when I went thrifting a few weeks ago at Second Chic in Williamsville. They have a bunch of cute pieces and some really cute name brand stuff. This jacket is pretty thin, which is perfect because it isn’t super bulky! I also like to roll up my sleeves. It is pretty long, so it would look cute with leggings or black jeans, which is what I wore with it today.


My sweater is just a maroon cable knit from Urban Outfitters. I live in this sweater in the Winter/Fall because it is cute and it keeps me warm. 

My black high-waisted jeans are from Hollister. I usually get my jeans from either Hollister or American Eagle because they fit my figure so well. I love these jeans from Hollister and I wear them all the time. I honestly think they’re so comfortable which is another reason I love Hollister jeans.

My shoes are Uggs. They’re super comfortable, especially for a day when you’re hanging out in a coffee shop and there’s also snow on the ground. 

That is my outfit of the day for a pretty casual day! I hope you guys enjoyed and I will see you tomorrow!

XOXO Devan

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