Walking Into 2019

Welcome back, friends! I hope you are slaying your first week of 2019 and staying strong with your resolutions and goals in the New Year. For the first week of 2019, I wanted to focus on setting my year up for success. This past week I have set my schedule to help me find a balance for all my goals and resolutions this year. I feel pretty good about this year and instead of making huge goals for the end of the year, I am trying to take little goals and set them day by day. That seems to be working out better because as long as I am making progress with my small goals, I know I am working towards my bigger ones. Also, some of my big goals will take months and maybe even years, so setting small goals along the way will help me keep more realistic expectations and prevent me from getting too down on myself. Plus, as much as it is nice to hit your goals, it is important to take the time to enjoy the ride and the adventure that comes along with it.

And now here are my goals of 2019…

Goal #1

Be smarter with my money – I honestly started this in the beginning of November of 2018. I am, or I should say used to be, really dumb with my money. I had no money in my savings. I would just live paycheck to paycheck. I would max out on my credit and just go shopping whenever I needed some retail therapy, which was pretty often. However, with the holidays I had to spend all the money I had saved that whole month, so I am back to the start. But it is okay because I guess you could say I am starting fresh for the new year. This year I definitely want to start traveling more and get myself more put together and have things to actually get excited to save up for. So every week, I intend to put a certain amount in my savings and pay off a certain amount on my credit card. My credit card is the biggest thing I am focusing on in the beginning of 2019. As I said it isn’t much money, but after I pay it all of I can start focusing on putting more into my savings, so that’s why I want to get my credit card out of the way. I don’t want to work paycheck to paycheck, so this is probably my biggest goal of 2019.

Goal #2

Travel -I mentioned this in my first goal, but my second goal for 2019 is to travel more. I am not talking about to Italy or to a different country, unless it’s Canada because your girl is too broke for that. This year I want to focus on travel close to home either in New York or places near New York that I can drive to and go camping. Even, if it is a small little weekend trip, it still is traveling. I want to make it so that I can travel while still keeping my number one goal of saving money in mind.

Goal #3

Live a Healthier Lifestyle – I really like this one because I kind of do this already. Now I am not going to have the goal of working out every day, because honestly that is unrealistic for me. I get too busy sometimes and often tired and that’s why my goal is to live a healthier lifestyle. What I mean by that is that I want to eat healthier and eat more of my meals home, I want to get exercise in whenever possible, and I want to try to go to the gym at least 4 times a week. My last goal is to drink a decent amount of water which will also help my skin so that is a win-win.

Goal #4

Be the best person I can be – This year I want to focus on looking good and feeling good. I want to spend more time being the best person I can be inside and out. I want to take pride in the way I look and not get down on myself. I want to build some confidence and take time to do my makeup in the morning, even if all I am doing is going to work. But, aside from working on my looks and fashion, I also want to work on the inside. I want to work on being there for my friends more and understanding where they are coming from, even if I don’t agree. I like to say I’m a good friend, and listen to my friends and let them vent and help them with advice and making right choices and also pushing them to reach their goals. I want to keep doing that.

So far, I am really happy with the way 2019 is going. I just have to work on keeping everything balanced to reach my goals of 2019. I’m excited for the new year and the adventures I will take on this year.

XOXO Devan

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