Update 3.12.19

Hi guys.

Woah, it has been a while. I’ve missed blogging and I’m so excited to get back in the swing of things.

So this is a little update blog for you!

Well, let’s start off with the biggest thing… a month ago I ended up adopting another dog. Actually, it was one of my favorite dogs at work. She has some issues with strangers, but we are working through it. She’s making so much progress already. Plus, her and my other dog , Reba, are best friends. I can’t wait for our future adventures to come in the upcoming year.

Another thing that happened is.. That I ended up adopting a turtle from the SPCA. I was in the pet store and I decided I wanted to get a turtle, but first I wanted to check and see if any were up for adoption before buying and there was! I’ve had her quite some time. I adopted her in the beginning of the year and she is quite sassy, but at least she’s living her best life with some fruit, earthworms and shrimp.

Also, I have been budgeting pretty well this year. My main goal is to get a house in the middle of the year. It has been stressful trying to find an apartment with two dogs, especially since Emma is fifty pounds. Instead of getting starbucks everyday and buying chipotle, I have been making my lunch at home, which is awesome because I am eating healthier and saving money at the same time. So it is a win, win.

A thing I do have to work on is having a set workout schedule. I usually go when I feel like it, but I need to make it a priority. Emma and I are training for a 5K in the May and I really want to crush my goal.

However, I’m finally finding a balance with everything, other than my set workout schedule. Usually around this time of year, I find myself in a funk. But I have been doing a pretty decent job staying on top of my goals, getting outside and enjoying life. I don’t know if it is because the dogs are helping me keep busy because this winter sure went by fast.

How’s your 2019 going so far?

XOXO Devan

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