Liebster Awards 2018

Hey guys! So I was nominated for the Liebster Awards by my friend from Long Island, Jess of Earth. Jess of Earth writes blogs about fashion, yoga and her travels, as well as other lifestyle and personal content. The Liebster Award is a tag to give smaller bloggers a way of getting more exposure and [...]

Progress of 2018

So it is Thursday January 18th and we are half way into January of 2018. To be honest, my goals of 2018 are going great. I've been sticking to them all pretty well. I've been eating super healthy, working out five days a week, planning and filming videos, saving money for upcoming trips this year [...]

Goals & Dreams of 2018

Goals & Dreams of 2018

Happy Sunday everyone! Lets keep 2018 rockin' and rolling with an awesome week ahead. I have many goals I would like to reach in 2018. With a good mindset and a latte to keep my day going I can for sure reach all of these with a lot of hardwork and dedication. So, in today's [...]

Favorite Thing About Christmas

Hey friends! Merry Christmas. Today is my favorite day of the year and today I'm going to talk about why. Christmas is a time to get everyone together. Cousins, aunts, uncles, parents, siblings and grandparents. There is no better feeling than sitting around the table with your whole family. Whether it is catching up because [...]