Structure is the key to a strong relationship between you and your dog. The proper training helps you and your dog get in tune with one another’s needs and expectations while strengthening your bond and teaching obedience and confidence.

I use a technique called “balance training” using positive reinforcement and correction methods to assist you in teaching your dog skills including:

  • Basic Obedience
  • Leash Walking
  • Crate Manners
  • Intro to E Collar
  • Intro to Prong Collar
  • Tips and tricks for building a better relationship with your dog
  • Confidence Building

Training can take place during a private drop-in session or with you present. If you work long days or simply feel your dog would work better with me one on one, I can drop-in to work with your dog; teaching them new commands or brushing up on existing skills. Or, if you would like to learn more about training your dog on your own, take part in sessions where I teach you commands and techniques for strengthening your relationship with your dog and making training fun and rewarding.

A 30 minute training session is $45 if you are under 10 miles away.

Anything over 10 miles or more will be $50

Or you can plan ahead with training packages! 

5 30-Minute Sessions Package // $215

5 30-Minute Session – 10 Miles or more // $240