Coming home to a high energy dog can be hard after a long day. Purchasing an exercise and recreation session is a great way to make sure your dog gets to have some fun while getting all the extra energy out. My current 2 exercise and recreation offerings are swimming and park trips (based on your dog’s personal needs and abilities):

Buffalo is a great place for your dog to enjoy swimming and creek walks! Swimming is a great way for your dog to get a little extra exercise while staying cool during the hotter months! If your dog is not e-collar trained, they will never be off leash and will be handled using a long line! Toys will be provided to keep them engaged and motivated.

Parks are a great place for your dog to run out some energy. I would be happy going to whatever park your dog is most comfortable if there is a specific place your dog prefers to regularly go. Park trips offer animal-friendly dogs the opportunity to socialize, and shyer dogs the chance to get more one-on-one attention in a wide open space. Exercise and recreation sessions are catered to your dog’s individual needs and mannerisms so they have the best possible experience!

Prices – $50 for an Hour

$80 for 2 Hours

1 Hour Exercise and Recreation Session-

5 Session Package / $210

10 Session Package / $400